Like many old world pasta products, the story begins in the early 1900’s, with the Pucci family immigrating to North America from Italy. In 1922, the Pucci’s opened up the Cicero Macaroni Company to manufacture noodles of all different shapes and sizes for local restaurants and pasta sellers. Robert B. Strom purchased the factory in 1968, and many of the old world pasta-making techniques and recipes were passed down to him.

In 1976, Robert Strom created NO YOLKS®, the world’s first no-cholesterol noodle. The idea for a no-cholesterol noodle came to Bob on his way to work as he listened to Arthur Godfrey on the radio talking about how eggs have 150 mg of cholesterol. As a noodle and pasta maker, Bob knew that the standard 85 g serving of traditional egg noodles already has 76 mg of cholesterol compared to about 30 mg in a 250 mL glass of 3.25% milk! Was it possible to make an egg noodle that was low in cholesterol? Thus, NO YOLKS noodles were born.

NO YOLKS Noodles

Made with Durum wheat semolina, corn flour and egg whites, NO YOLKS noodles have no cholesterol. NO YOLKS are a smart alternative to regular egg noodles. And they cook up delicious, firm and fluffy, and stay that way in all your favourite recipes.

NO YOLKS is the #1 selling noodle in Canada.
NO YOLKS is available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to fit every recipe including: Extra Broad, Broad, Medium, Fine and Dumpling.

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